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Advantages of a Mobile App


Mobile apps are amazing. They have helped people save money, do things faster and better, and they can even be used to make friends. Mobile apps have gone through a lot of changes over the years, but we've never seen anything like Flutter before. Flutter is a new way to build beautiful native mobile apps for iOS and Android from a single codebase—all without compromise or tradeoffs. If you want your app to look like it was created by a designer from Cupertino (Apple), all while having access to Google's powerful services on both platforms... then this is the solution for you!

Save money

Mobile app development costs are typically lower than those for desktop apps.

  • One reason is that it's possible to code, test and deploy a mobile app much more quickly than you can do with a desktop app.

  • This means that developers don't have to spend as much time writing code, testing it or deploying it across different devices.

The lower cost of mobile app development also helps reduce the cost of maintenance and support over time, as there are fewer platforms to support and less code running in the background between updates.

Speed up development

Mobile applications are written in a reactive programming style, which is essentially a declarative programming style.

This means that the code is designed to respond to events in the user interface and changes in your app's state model. This makes it easy to write code that has no side effects and is easier to reason about than traditional imperative programming (which relies on mutating variables). By writing your application this way, you can make changes quickly without having to worry about breaking any code.

  • Dart - The mobile framework for Flutter uses an open-source language called Dart as its primary programming language.* Dart compiles down into native code so it runs fast on Android or iOS devices.* Reactive Programming - Reactive programming abstracts away most of the boilerplate found in imperative languages like C# and Java by leveraging automatic memory management via something called "virtual machines" or VM's.* Virtual Machine (VM) - A VM takes source code written using a particular instruction set architecture (ISA), then translates that into native machine instructions for whatever platform you're targeting -- whether it be Android/iOS/Windows Mobile etc..

Reliable and secure

Flutter apps are reliable, secure and fast. They’re also easy to set up and easy to use. The world-class Flutter team at Google is continually improving the platform with new features like stateful hot reload, native UI widgets, rich animation APIs, reactive framework integration and more.

  • Reliability: Flutter is built from the ground up for mobile on both iOS and Android. It uses a flexible but proven C++ core that integrates smoothly into existing native codebases for maximum performance.

  • Security: To protect users from malicious attacks or data loss due to crashes in any portion of the app stack (including the framework), Flutter has been designed around concepts that have been thoroughly tested over time by hundreds of millions of users across billions of devices running thousands of applications from some of the largest companies in the world including Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd., Tencent Holdings Ltd., Uber Technologies Inc., Pinterest Inc., Facebook Inc., Baidu Inc., Nike Inc., AirBnB Inc..

Better user experience

Mobile apps provide a better user experience than a website. In fact, they can be more interactive, intuitive, engaging and accessible than their desktop counterparts.

Mobile apps are often used in situations where the user wants to complete a task quickly—such as ordering food or hailing an Uber—and has little time to spare. A mobile app allows you to get that done with fewer clicks or taps on your screen. And because most mobile phone users have become accustomed to using apps for such tasks, it’s likely that they will find them easier and more convenient than visiting websites from their phones as well. They also tend to make it easier for you to scan through information quickly without having to scroll down long pages looking for what you need.

Powerful integration

  • Integration with other apps.

  • Integration with hardware.

  • Integration with cloud services.

Create higher quality apps

The best way to create high quality apps is to start by getting your users' input. You should ask them what they want in a mobile app before you even begin development. This way, you can build a product that meets their needs and will be used frequently.

You might even consider hiring an experienced UX designer to create the user experience for your app. These professionals understand how people use technology, making them ideal partners when it comes time to define the features of your application and ensure that everything works properly once released into the wild.

Mobile apps are amazing, and you should use flutter to make them

Flutter is a framework for writing mobile apps. It’s fast, reliable, and has great integration with other tools. You can write apps for Android, iOS and web using Flutter.

Flutter is written in the Dart programming language. It compiles to native code and uses a single code base to write applications for multiple mobile platforms (Android and iOS). The advantage of using Flutter over native development is that you can develop your app in less time than if you were to do it in Objective-C or Java (for Android) while also having access to all of the native functionality from those platforms when building your app!


Mobiles apps are one of the best ways to connect with your customers. And they’re not going anywhere. If you want to be able to reach more people with your content and services, then you need to create a mobile app as soon as possible.

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