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The advantages of Flutter

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

In May 2017, Google launched a new software development kit (SDK): Flutter. A new development language with endless benefits, the biggest: one codebase for applications that work on practically all screens with iOS and Android.

At Pure Coding we have been using Flutter for developing our own mobile apps for over 3 years. We are happy to share our experience, knowledge and the pros and cons from this intuitive development kit.

Flutter, what is it exactly?

Where usually 2 different codes (iOS and Android) need to be developed for 1 mobile app, Flutter allows the experts to write one code. Immediate advantage is that there is no need to develop 2 separate codes that 2 experts have to work on. A striking fact is that Google developed the language but the developers decided that it should be an open source language. As a result, thousands of developers will soon be contributing to each other's projects by sharing code with one another. If you choose to program with Flutter, you can use the standard tools of both Android and iOS.

The benefits of Flutter

Flutter is currently one of the most agile development languages available. Flutter can be integrated into existing applications. This saves programmers double work. It is also possible to test in real time whether the changes made to the app have been implemented properly. Google gave this creature the following name: 'Stateful Hot Reload'.

The benefits are not only immediate in the use of Google's new language. The benefits are also visible in the organization. Programming goes a lot faster and more efficiently. In addition, several experts can look at one project, where previously two projects had to be looked at. Communication and unity also became closer. This created a more positive working atmosphere.

Pure Coding founder Eric-Jan Dijks claims that Flutter delivers good quality and is also faster to develop. A user interface can be perfectly tailored with all its advantages, furthermore the Flutter language also works perfectly for building Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

The disadvantages of Flutter

There are several apps that use hardware features of a phone, think of a camera or microphone. Flutter suffers from the disadvantage that these functions can only be used in the native code ( specifically developed for the specific operating system). Meanwhile, by all developers in the world, good plugins can be found that make it possible to use these functions. However, they do not always have the desired effect. The main features that are considered difficult to develop in Flutter apps are Apple's Siri kit and the Google assistant.

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